"Its not what your child learns, but where he learns that counts"

The participants can discuss with the school and fix the time and the day that suits them best(1 to 2 hours) and they are expected to attend a minimum of 8 sessions in a month (atleast two session in a week).

Apart from registration fee (INR 1000 - One time only) and term Fee, there are no other hidden charges.

Monday to Friday - 4pm to 9pm
Saturday - 2pm to 5pm
Sunday - Holiday

Entry level - Beginners
Learning Outcomes - Be able to learn basic physical techniques, basic knowledge of the layout of the instrument played, ability to play with accuracy and ability to read simple notation patterns.

Learning Outcomes - secure use of rhythm and explicit techniques, confident and assured presentation of music, basic stylistic awareness, secured melodic and harmonic accuracy and a good sense of musical communication within the style.

Advanced level of learning is for those who have advanced physical techniques in music and demonstrates a confident performance using explicit techniques. It includes Grades
6 - 8. Learning Outcomes - Refined use of musical rhythm, expressive technique, synchronisation, refined use of pitch and rhythm, appropriate use of exercise and develop use of appropriate improvisation skills.