What We Teach
  1. Piano
  2. Electronic Keyboard
  3. Guitar
  4. Violin
  5. Drums
  6. Flute
  7. Trumphet
  8. Saxophone
  9. Theory Of Music
To become a quality musician, you need time and patience. Whatever comes with patience, practice and constant efforts is always great and everlasting. Our wish is to make you achieve great heights of music. You will be taught music in detail with the theory (reading music using staff notations) so that you could develop clear understanding and appreciate the music you listen and play.
Frequency and Duration
The participants can discuss with the school and fix the time and the day that suits them best(1 to 2 hours) and they are expected to attend a minimum of 8 sessions in a month (atleast two session in a week).
Certification and Add Ons

Certification from Trinity College London after clearing the exams. We will be providing you all the reference materials like work-books, CDs, etc at free of cost.

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Fee Structure
Once Time Registration Fees INR 1000 for all Courses
Grade 1 to 3 INR 3000 per term
Grade 4 to 5 INR 4500 per term
Grade 6 to 8 INR 6000 per term
Diploma in Music INR 10000 per term